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Money is energy and it always finds me

Elevate your phone protection game while manifesting wealth sustainability with our Wealth Wrapper Bio Phone Cases. Crafted from 100% biodegradable material in a sophisticated black hue, these cases not only shield your device from scratches and shocks but also contribute to the preservation of our planet. 

As you adorn your phone with our eco-conscious case, infused with a wealth affirmation tailored to attract abundance, you're not just making a style statement; you're aligning yourself with the forces of prosperity and environmental stewardship. Join the movement towards sustainability while manifesting your financial goals effortlessly. It's more than just a phone case—it's a symbol of your commitment to wealth and a greener future. 🌱💰

Carry your manifestation tool with you wherever you go, letting the powerful affirmation permeate your daily life and elevate your mindset towards wealth.📱✨ 

Our collection boasts a range of affirmations carefully curated to empower you on your journey to financial abundance. Choose your companion for the day, and let its message guide you towards your goals. Whether it's "I attract wealth effortlessly" or "Abundance flows freely into my life," each case serves as a constant reminder of your inherent ability to attract prosperity. 

Make affirmations an integral part of your daily routine by simply glancing at your phone. With every glance, you reinforce your intention to attract wealth and abundance into your life.💰✨ 

Embrace accountability and consistency in your manifestation practice with our Wealth Affirmation Phone Cases. It's time to align your thoughts with your desires and unlock the prosperity that awaits you. Take the first step towards financial freedom today. 🌟

Benefits of wealth priming: 

🌟 Financial independence & stability 
🌟 Increased self-confidence & empowerment 
🌟 Opportunity for personal growth & fulfillment 
🌟 Ability to support loved ones & family 
🌟 Enhanced sense of purpose & satisfaction

The Specs: 
  • Made from 100% biodegradable material
  • scratch and shock resistant 
  • Precisely aligned openings
  • Compatible with wireless charging
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